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Gutter Estimator includes an Estimate Take-Off Sheet: Use it so you don't accidentally over look some thing, simply fill out each section/question, or write notes, use it as you figuring your gutter estimate out in the field. 


The Estimate Take-Off Sheet, Is used by the estimator out in the field. Simply Print them and Clip them to your clip board and fill in the blanks as you are giving the estimate. Once it's filled out, open up Gutter Estimator and fill in the forms using the data in the estimate take-off sheet, either in the office or out in the field using a laptop with a printer attached (generate the estimate in the field and hand it to the customer, very impressive).


The gutter estimate take off sheet is broken into 3 parts if needed, primarily used if estimating gutters on a multiple pitch roof, it allows the estimator to enter in the correct amount of gutter feet / info. per roof pitch.


Note: After the Estimate Take-Off Sheet is filled in, you use it as data input into inside of Gutter Estimator.


The Estimate Take-Off Sheets are accessed from the contract/proposal form.





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