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GUTTER INFO. (Types/Sizes/Shapes & Materials)

We have provided some info. / things to consider that may be very useful to help you in your decisions when choosing to have new gutters installed..

 Gutter Types: There a two distinctive types of gutters:

- Sectional: Comes in various lengths that will need to be either riveted and caulked together or

   soldered together.

- Continuous / Seamless: Each section of gutter in one complete piece has no joints.


 Gutter Shapes/Profiles: There are 3 different gutter shapes.

- Ogee / K-style: Front looks like the letter K.

- Fascia Style: Front has a flat shape w/no bends, easy to see waves and buckles on long sections

  when using seamless gutters.

- U / Half Round Style: Gutter is shaped like the letter U.


 Gutter Materials:

-Aluminum: won’t rust, comes in different thicknesses .25, .27, .32 usually used in seamless style gutters,

  can bend easily recommend .32, very popular, come in primary or secondary aluminum. Primary

  aluminum is more likely to be of a consistent quality $4 to $8 per linear foot installed

 - Galvanized Steel: can rust, choose the thickest you can afford - optimally .032

   in. Though .027-, .025- and .019-in.-thick gutters are available, they won't hold up

   as well. $4 to $8 per linear foot installed. Strong can lean a ladder against

   w/thicker grade.

 - Stainless Steel: strong and rust-free, and maintain their high sheen for years,

   however they are very costly. Approx. $20 per linear ft.

 - Copper:  never rusts or needs painting, however they are very costly. Approx. $15

   per linear ft. Other available materials include: Copper-clad or Copper-Penney.

 - Vinyl: won't rust, but will become brittle in time. Not recommended.


Gutter Sizes:

4  usually found in a ½ round/u-shaped gutter (sectional)

5”  typical for most K-style gutters or fascia style very popular size.

6”  typical for most K-style or fascia style gutters.

7”  typically a fascia style gutters.

8”  usually found on commercial buildings, where roofs are extremely large or

       steep w/large volumes water entering gutters. Typically a fascia style gutters


Note: You may want to install a gutter that will never rust or need painting (Copper or Stainless steel), if the roof is over 2 stories in the air and has a steep pitch, then labor costs to replace or to paint it needs to be considered, you may also want to consider installing gutter guards, so you won't have to clean out the gutter.


Before Installing New Gutters (Things to Consider)

- You may want to have the gutters replaced at the same time you have a new roof put on.

- Is there any dry-rot that will need to be repaired (Sheathing/Fascia/Rafter Tails)?

- Are the rafter tails cut plumb, so the gutters get applied at the correct angle?

- Where will the downspouts get installed, and will it cause flooding?

- How many downspouts will you need?

- How will the downspouts get fastened to the walls (stucco/brick etc.)?

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